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Branding for the Camp Namanu Centennial Exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society Museum

I worked with Camp Namanu and the Oregon Historical Society to design an exhibit for the camp's centennial. The show focused on telling an accountable history of both Camp Namanu's inclusive practices, as well as its harmful practices. I designed a branding proposal for the show, featuring title art, alternative logotypes, and a new color palette. The team at Camp Namanu ended up choosing a theme closer in line with their centennial branding, so this proposal is speculative work. 

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

I drew inspiration from symbols and practices important to Camp Namanu. In the middle are Fir trees, which surround the camp and act as "guardians," lined in a row increasing in size to represent time and growth, a theme central to the exhibit celebrating the camp's centennial. Above the Fir trees are stars to represent their practice of teaching star-gazing. Finally, the blue stripes represent the Sandy River which runs alongside the camp, and framing the name 'Camp Namanu," calling to mind a sign arch. The typeface, New Herman, has a folksy, carved-letter look to it that captures the feeling of a camp site. I also designed some alternate logotype forms to fit different applications, treating the type with a wave effect to give it rising movement, symbolic of progress.

Below are some mockup samples for their application on products and stickers, intended for production for the Camp Namanu store. 

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