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Why PacRes 

This trifold was designed to be printed and handed out at branches by mortgage advisors to clients to give them an overview of our company ethos, list the products we offer, as well as introduce them to the loan approval process. We included several tips, and a checklist to act as a tool to help inform and prepare buyers to get the best results possible. I chose imagery that evoked the grandiosity of home life and family, as well as working together. I chose and designed minimalist icons to accompany each product that represented them in ways I felt matched their purpose.

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

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Personal Introduction Flyer

Part of PacRes' company ethos is to make lending seem personal, so I designed introduction flyers for mortgage advisors to email to clients so they could learn more about their advisors. We had mortgage advisors write their own bios and we included a blurb to share personal facts they believed could serve as a basis for connection. The back side offers an overview of PacRes' values and gives reasons to work with our advisors, broken up into bounding boxes and a numbered list. The imagery I chose focused on showing collaboration and connection. The social media icons in the footer could link to a mortgage advisor's individual social media pages to lead clients to learning more about their advisor and PacRes.

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

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Product & Informational

These graphics were made while working at PacRes Mortgage for email or print and distribution to clients at branches. We aimed to create informative graphics to empower our customers with knowledge and references to aid them make the best decisions and build the best strategies for themselves. Each graphic is customizable with a Mortgage Advisor's contact information, and can include their branch partners, in order to suit their individual needs.

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

Images sourced from Getty

Product Flyer

This is an example of a product flyer I designed for handing out at branches or sending over email to clients, in this case an overview of a Bridge Loan. These flyers focused on making a quick overview pitch to simplify the product and benefits as much as possible. To break up the information flow, I placed a blurb for product highlights and organized them into bullet points off to the side of the paragraph text. The hero image I chose plays along with the copy, evoking a bright and dreamy setting as the couple look up and outward. There is a highlighted call-to-action along with up to two placeholders for a mortgage advisor to add their portrait and contact information for themselves or possibly along with a real estate agent.

Information Graphic

This is an example of an informational graphic flyer I designed for handing out at branches or sending over email to help inform clients, in this case of best practices for boosting your credit score. I illustrated and colored the graph and icons to give visual accompaniments to each piece of information, and used spacing and value to depict how influences upon one's credit score is apportioned. The hero image I chose shows a woman focused and calculating numbers to reflect the tone of the flyer. There is a call-to-action along with a placeholder for a mortgage advisor to add their portrait and name and contact information at the bottom to prompt the reader to communicate with their advisor.  

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