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Social Media Graphics

These graphics were made while working at PacRes Mortgage, targeting different audiences such as potential home buyers, and recruiting new clients. Each one was designed for sharing among several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

Images sourced from Getty

PacRes Social Media Posts.png


Customer Facing 

This is an example of a typical client facing social media graphic that communicates the tone for our business model—collaborative, personalized, and local—and reinforces that with copy and imagery that play together, like a familiar neighborhood motif.


Location Announcement

This graphic is one of several social media posts broadcasting new location openings to advertise to prospective clients and team recruitment.

21_1203_Surprize Arizona Branch Announcement.png
Recruiting_PacRes Social Media Posts.png


Recruitment Post

This graphic was made for our recruitment operations to advertise our "National Boutique" style workplace, highlighting the freedom to work across the country and deliver great results. The image selected represents a collaborative and supportive workplace.


Mortgage Rate History Graph

I made this infographic as part of our marketing campaign promoting how mortgage rates were at a historic low despite rises in 2021. Here, we illustrated the history for the past 50 years, highlighting the apex of rates, and comparing them to today to demonstrate an advantageous market opportunity for buyers. 

Mortgage Rate History SM Post.png
4th of July Social Media Post.png


Holiday Post

We regularly made graphics acknowledging holidays. We focused on making simple, sharable graphics to post on days where people may have more free time to be on social media in order to foster engagement and keep the brand forward without relying on an explicit marketing pitch.

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